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Sheds and other fireplaces

Keskijärvi kota
Kurkiperä kota

There are several places on the course for frying sausages and otherwise just camping.

See detailed locationsFrom the camping map of the course

- Jyrhämä outdoor recreation area

In the area, there is a barrier-free fishing spot, a barrier-free huussi, a boat launch, an event shelter and a fire place.

- Aittaniva's hut

The place is located behind Lake Lätäjärvi on the bank of the barn in Käsmäjoki. Avokota, liter and toilet. Good fishing opportunities. Permits are sold by the Kursu cooperative. The condition of the road varies depending on the time of year, and the path can also be challenging.

- Taittamakoski's hut

Located on the shore of Taittamakoski, at the northern end of Taittamalamme. Driving along the road starting from Kursun Erä's deer shelter until the road diverges next to the power line. The path runs along the power line. The end of the trail is very wet, so be prepared with good shoes Avokota, liter and toilet. Good fishing opportunities. Permits are sold by KursuRead more ->

- Tuurakoski's hut

The place is located on the shore of Tuurakoski. Getting to the site along the path/sledge route starting next to the Tuurakoski bridge. Avocota, liter and toilet.

Those with weaker feet can reach it by car on the forest road that starts next to the cemetery, about 200 m from the yard of the nearby cottage.Read more ->

- Keskijärvi hut

The place is located on the beach of Keskijärvi. Avocota, liter and toilet. You can easily get there by car.


- Kurkiperä's hut

Kurkiperä avokota is located at the northern end of Kotijärvi Lake in Kursu. Traveling along a small field road for about 50m. You can also get there by car. Avocota, liter and toilet.Read more ->

NOTE! The wood care and maintenance of the fireplaces is jointly managed by the workers, so please use wood sparingly and leave the places in good condition. If you notice any problems, please send an email

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