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Kursu village society association

Kursu kyläseura ry is a village association operating in Sallan Kursu. The association organizes various events, e.g. dances, flea market and village cafe, and acts as an association promoting the cooperation and interests of Kursu students. Kursu kyläseura ry owns the Kursu village hall and uses it a lot in its activities.


Kimmo Tuhkala will be the chairman of Kursu kyläseura ry in 2023, e-mail

The secretary is Pinja Pennanen and the treasurer is Mirja Tuhkala.

Other members of the board are: Seppo Kursu, Matti Huttunen, Mari Tuhkala, Heidi Vartiainen, Anneli Påhlman and as alternate members Taina Soukka, Raija Kursu and Aatto Pajari


E-mail address of Kursu kyläseura ry

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Kursu kyläseura ry was founded in 2008.  Kyläseura is the village's benefit organization and its mission is, among other things, to promote the village's viability and act as a supervisor of its residents' interests, to strive to promote residents' comfort and cooperation, and to promote the maintenance of services in the area.


The membership of the village club consists of villagers and those interested in the activities of the village. A person who is interested in the association's activities and accepts its purpose can be accepted as a member of the village club.

By joining our association, you support our activities and get the right to vote at general meetings.


Membership of Kursu kyläseura ry costs nothing and does not obligate you to anything. The village association has previously operated on the principle that everyone can be a member of the association if they wish. However, the Association Act requires that the association must keep a membership register.

At the autumn meeting on December 7, 2016, it was decided on the possibility of paying a voluntary supporter membership fee.

The amount of the voluntary supporter membership fee is €20 in 2023, and €50 from associations and companies.
The membership fee can be paid to the village club's account. Account number FI2054090020031957. Put your name and the text supporter membership fee in the reference text. The supporter membership fee is completely voluntary and does not obligate you to anything.


You can become a member of the village club of the course by filling out the attached form

Thank you! Your application has been sent

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