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Borrowable equipment of the village club

Kursu kyläseura ry owns machines that can be borrowed for specific use. At the sites determined by the village association, you can freely do landscape maintenance work with your own machines and with the machines of the village association, however, by notifying them first.

Machinery and equipment

- Clearing saw, harness and helmet

- Chainsaw and helmet

The saws are intended for landscape maintenance work in the Kursu village area. That is, for clearing willows on roadsides or lake shores, or for felling yard trees or other trees that are bad for the landscape.

The loan period is three days

The saws are returned refueled. The blades are at your own expense, but you can rent blades from us for €10/time.

Saws are lent, on the condition that we are sure of the borrower's ability to use the equipment. If necessary, we will teach you how to use the device.

More information: Kimmo Tuhkala, tel. 0442051827

In addition, the village association has a water plant mower, which can also be rented outside the village. To use the machine, you need a big boat and training to use it.

Instructions for borrowing saws

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