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Kursu village house

A section of Workers and Small Farmers had been established in the course in 1948. Its members began to build a People's House in the village. The construction of the house started in the spring of 1946. The first talks were held on March 24, 1946, and 15 horses, 4 women and 43 men participated in them. When the People's Hall was completed, it was Salla's first public meeting place after the Second World War.


Over the years, dances, evenings, film screenings, theater, pingo, flea markets, a cafe, weightlifting competitions, dog markets have been organized in the house.

Many famous Finnish artists and singers with their orchestras have performed at Kansantalo, e.g. Tapio Rautavaara, Eemeli, Esa Pakarinen, Annikki Tähti, Souvarit and many dance groups from Finland and abroad. However, the most important were the local bands.


The painting on the back wall of the theater depicts the visible landscape of Kursu, Pääväära, Keskivaara and Nälkämävaara.

The village house was renovated with the help of Leader of Northern Lapland in 2016, when the roof of the house was repaired and a tin roof was installed. The exterior walls were also painted. In 2019, the technology of the village hall was updated and now the house has modern toilets, also equipped for the disabled. During the project, the upstairs kitchens were also renovated.Support for the project has been granted by the Finnish Home Region Association.

In the fall of 2020, the Warmth and culture for the village hall project, financed by Pohjoisimman Lappin Leader, was started. During the project, air heat pumps were installed in the village hall, and electricity and lighting were renewed. In addition, a new outdoor staircase with disabled stairs was built.


In the summer of 2022, the walls of the hall were painted, the windows were restored and the doors were repaired.

Meeting equipment was also acquired.

The house is in use from early spring to late autumn and many different events are organized there. The house is also available for rent for various parties and events from April to November. And in smaller events all year round. If necessary, we can also organize coffee for events.

More information:

Village house rental prices 2023

Small events for less than 20 people and 3 hours............ 30€  (Members...20€)

Larger events for more than 20 people and 3 hours........... 50€  (Members...40€)

Daily 24 h................................................... 100€ (Members.. .€80)

In use is the tableware of the village hall for about 50 people. However, you can also order coffee from us.

Meeting equipment is also in use: a video cannon, a conference speaker and a web camera, so even remote meetings can be held easily.

Location and contact information

Uutelantie 2B

98600 Kursu


Village hall reservations:

Kimmo Tuhkala tel. 0442051827

Booking calendar at the bottom of the page or in this link: Booking calendar

Please contact us using the attached form, email or phone if you have any questions

Thank you for your message!

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