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Kursu's beautiful lakes and Käsmäjoki rapids, forest and natural peace. Numerous fire pits and fishing spots offer recreation for travelers. In the middle of all nature, you can also experience the atmosphere of a close-knit village community and local traditional livelihoods.

The village has plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, camping, hunting and fishing. On a warm summer day, take a dip in Keskijärvi or Porolampi to swim.


Also taste the village's famous rye bread and other traditional delicacies. In winter, ski and sled in the wonderful snowy winter of Lapland. The ski resorts of Pyhä, Salla and Suomu are also a stone's throw away

Dry Leaf

Kursu is a village located in the municipality of Salla, in the province of Lapland. According to some sources, the name of Kursu village comes from the Sami name of Kuolajärvi and means valley. The course has about 220 permanent residents.

After centuries of cleared fields and settlements concentrated in the middle of the village, Kursu was known as a village with a very open and spectacular landscape. Lakes Kotijärvi, Keskijärvi, Pääjärvi and Tuurajärvi are the most prominent in the village landscape. The village is surrounded by the Käsmäjoki flowing into Kemijärvi, which has been an ancient trade and travel route to the east. Other striking features of the village landscape are the sand dunes of vuonnanniemi and the ridges visible on different sides of the village. Since the beginning of the 18th century, the natural landscape has been shaped and supplemented by farming and cattle breeding, as well as construction.

Kursu village

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