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Kursu kyläseura ry newsletter 1/2021

Spring is progressing at a fast pace and despite the world situation, summer is going fast and it's time to start working.



• Warmth and Culture for the village hall The project's work will begin in April and May at the village hall. Talks will be announced when the electrical work has been completed.

• Join the text message circle that notifies you every time there is a talk, so the notifications don't go by. You can join by sending a message to the chairman.

• The goal of the project is to acquire air heat pumps for the house, build new outdoor stairs, paint the walls of the hall and the stage, as well as acquire equipment for meeting use and a swing and yard games for the children. The biggest job is window restoration. The funding has been granted by Leader of Northern Lapland.


• The kitchen on the ground floor of the village hall would also need furniture, so if you happen to have extra suitable furniture, please contact us.




• Organized by Suomen kylät ry to live in the villages on the evening of April 14 at 6 pm on the Teams platform. Introducing Kursua as a place to live


• Teams familiarization training organized by Suomen kylät ry and Lapplaiset kylät ry on April 20 at 6–7:30 p.m. on the Teams platform. Registration by 18.4.


• Coming in the summer, if the pandemic situation allows, Midsummer's Eve at Jyrhämä beach, Village Café and hopefully much more. Follow the notification.


Village club


A new board has been elected for the village club:

Chairman: Kimmo Tuhkala

Secretary: Heidi Vartiainen

Treasurer: Mirja Tuhkala

Also as other regular members: Seppo Kursu, Pinja Pennanen, Aatto Pajari and Matti Huttunen.

Alternate members: Anneli Påhlman, Raija Kursu and Taina Soukka


• Do you want to support our activities? In 2021, the amount of the voluntary supporter membership fee is €20 for individual members and €50 for community/company members. The membership fee can be paid to the village club's account.

Account number FI2054 0900 2003 1957. Put your name and the text supporter membership fee in the reference text. The supporter membership fee is completely voluntary and does not obligate you to anything. Join our activities at the same time


More information:


Chairman: Kimmo Tuhkala tel. 0442051827

Secretary: Heidi Vartiainen

The village club's email:

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